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Simone Short

Simone Short

I am a mother of three beautiful girls 12, 7 and 2.

Our first daughter was born in 1999. I had a very easy pregnancy, although I gained a huge amount of weight, adding a whopping 23kg to my size 10 frame. Jordann was born naturally, in hospital. I remember the shock when I saw my postnatal belly; it was something I wasn't prepared for. And it wasn't just the size and jelly like consistency that was shocking, it was the feeling that my insides were falling out that was the worst experience. I passed out the first time I stood up, the feeling was awful. For the first month after birth I felt as though I would never recover and never be the same again.

During my second pregnancy I was fortunate enough to be seeing a naturopath, again due to huge weight gain, who recommended I use a belly wrap during my postnatal recovery. Jamie was also born naturally, in hospital. I put my belly wrap on the day after the delivery and it was my constant companion for the first month - I hated taking it off. The difference in my recovery was amazing! I noticed my tummy flattened quicker, I had less water retention and less back and pelvis pain. And best of all I felt supported and secure.

It wasn't until I was pregnant with our third daughter and I tried to get a belly wrap in Australia that I realised you couldn't buy a belly wrap designed for postnatal recovery in Australia. Jadah was born naturally, in the water, at home so my entire pregnancy, birth and recovery experience was completely different. I still managed to put on around 22kg that seems to be the norm for me.

Due to my past experience I considered a belly wrap an essential for my post natal recovery, I was also encouraged by my midwife to bind my belly after birth, so I purchased a belly wrap from overseas. By the time I paid the exchange rate plus the postage, my belly wrap cost me well over $100. I decided right there that this fantastic essential recovery technique should be easily accessible and affordable to every Australian woman after the birth of her baby and BellyCo was born.

Twelve years and three children later I am an avid believer in the benefits of belly binding or belly wrapping. I have seen and felt the benefits that this simple practice delivers. Even after huge weight gains with all of my pregnancy I am back to my original size 10 and have no diastasis (abdominal separation).

Sue Bjorkelund

Sue Bjorkelund

I am a mother of four, 3 girls and a boy. My first two children are 16½ months apart and number 3 and 4 were twins. It has been very demanding, but with our youngest two now 6 years old, we're well and truly out of the baby stage now.

Conceiving, bearing and birthing my children was the easy bit, for me the postpartum period was very challenging. Not only did we have 4 children under four, but number 2, 3 and 4 were all in intensive care for over 2 weeks and very small babies.

Our 2nd daughter was only 4lb 4oz (1.9kgs) and even though she was tiny and light, breast feeding was very challenging with such a small baby. Then 2½ years later, the challenge of twins. I'm glad I was a seasoned breast feeder by then.

I had played sport from a very young age for all of my life and considered myself to be fit, healthy and strong. Despite my background, all of these birthing challenges took their toll on my emotions and my body. Very unfortunately I did not discover abdominal binding until after the birth of our twins. So by the time the twins were 2 years of age I suffered from a sore neck, sore right hip, abdominal bloating and digestion problems.

I remember my Burmese Grandmother, now in her nineties, recounting her mother and other women, being bound from under the arms to the top of the hips after each birth. She didn't really understand why this happened, but knew it was a very important part of their tradition and greatly aided the health of the mother. My Grandmother had left Burma by the time she had her children and told me that after each of the births of her children she would always buy very full briefs and wear them a size too small for her, to support her abdomen and back.

I saw the difference in recovery from my own experience and my sisters and cousins who were fortunate enough to have access to an abdominal binder. That's what sparked my interest in providing a product to new mothers to try and avoid some of the side-effects of child bearing, birthing and breast feeding.