postpartum girdle - how does a postpartum girdle work?

postpartum girdle - how does a postpartum girdle work?

When a woman goes through a pregnancy, her abdominal muscles are severely stretched and her internal organs are moved around to make plenty of room for baby. After delivery, the belly will start to sag from all of the stretching and other changes it has gone through. You can't expect your belly to be flat again right away, but with time and the help of a postpartum girdle, you can get your tummy looking the same way it did pre-pregnancy.

what is a postpartum girdle?

A postpartum girdle is basically a wrap for your stomach. You wrap it around your belly and it's designed to compress your belly and help flatten it out more quickly. The compression is also said to help your organs return to their normal position and help your uterus get back to its original size as well.

using a belly wrap

A wrap or girdle should be used immediately following the delivery of your child. Obviously you may not be able to wear it the same day and you should check with your doctor to be sure you're okay to wear one. The sooner you are able to start wearing it, the sooner you'll be able to see the positive effects from it.

c section births

A c section (cesarean) section takes a bit longer to recover from than a vaginal birth and this is because the woman goes through surgery to have the baby removed. A pregnancy girdle can help a woman recover more quickly from a c section birth. It won't make the healing process faster, only time can heal wounds, but it can certainly help to alleviate any back pain experienced during the first few weeks following delivery.

wearing the girdle

When you're wearing the postpartum girdle properly, it will help to flatten your stomach while still allowing you to feel comfortable. You don't want to wear it so tight that it becomes uncomfortable. You should try to wear it as often as possible in order to achieve the best possible results. To get your tummy back into its pre-pregnancy shape you should also remember that you need to eat a healthy diet and it would also help to begin exercising as soon as your doctor gives you the okay.

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