Hints for sizing

Belly Wrap

Each woman is an individual and every pregnancy unique. How your body changes in shape, size and weight during this special time will influence your post pregnancy size. To achieve the best results from your BellyCo belly wrap it is important that you select the correct size for your belly after birth.

Here are some simple suggestions to consider:

*The average weight gain during pregnancy is 15kg. Based on this figure we recommend that you allow an increase post delivery of 1 to 2 sizes from your pre pregnant size

*The BellyCo postnatal belly wrap is designed to allow for an increase of 2 sizes from your pre-pregnant size with 15cm of adjustability to allow for the perfect fit as your belly shrinks

*Another easy way to decide on which BellyCo postnatal belly wrap is right for you is to measure your belly at around week 36 of your pregnancy - this will give you some idea as to the size your belly will be just after delivery.

*If you have had your baby already, simply measure around your waist at your belly button and choose the BellyCo postnatal belly wrap that corresponds to your size


Size Pre Pregnant Size Post Pregnant Size Waist cm Waist"
S 8-10 8-14 61-81cm 24"-32"
M 12-14 12-18 71-91 cm 28"-36"
L 16-18 16-22 81-101 cm 32"-40"
XL 20-22 20-26 91-111 cm 36"-44"