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Belly Wrap

about the product that thousands of postnatal women contribute to their flat post pregnancy bellies and quick recovery after birth?

Touted as the non-surgical tummy tuck, western women are quickly discovering the many reasons to continue with the ancient practice of belly wrapping, and that it is a key secret in ensuring restored self confidence and restoring their stomach to pre-pregnancy shape and size.. "[It's] the secret to restoring your belly to pre-pregnancy shape and size. It actually helps tighten and shrink your belly after giving birth."

Expertly designed for support and comfort, the BellyCo Belly Wrap makes this practice so simple. Based on an ancient tradition used among various cultures around the world, BellyCo has found a way to deliver this figure-saving technique in a modern, easy-to-wear form.

Many modern day midwives and obstetricians agree that wrapping the belly post delivery assists in postpartum recovery.



Eco Belly Wrap

ECO Bamboo BellyCo Belly Wrap

Softer than the softest cotton, the BellyCo ECO belly wrap feels similar to cashmere. Bamboo fabric has a silky


Original Belly Wrap

The Original BellyCo Belly Wrap

The BellyCo belly wrap is made of soft luxurious materials and can be worn against the skin or over the top of clothes.


Belly Wrap

Hints for sizing

Each woman is an individual and every pregnancy unique. How your body changes in shape, size and weight during this special time will influence your post pregnancy size.


Postnatal Belly Wrap


Can I wear a BellyCo postnatal belly wrap while pregnant?


Belly Wrap

Belly Wrap History

This ancient tradition goes by many names, but the fact remains the same, no matter what you call it women from all


Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap

Belly Wrap Research

"Their effective techniques for getting back into shape include massage, exercise and bathing, abdominal binding, herbal treatments, special diet, and heat treatments, including steaming.