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Looking after yourself after pregnancy is an important part of the pregnancy and birth process that is all too commonly overlooked in western society.

Western women are quickly discovering, the many reasons to continue with the ancient practice of belly wrapping, and that it is a key secret in restoring your stomach to pre-pregnancy shape and size.

Worn as soon as 24hrs after birth (caesarean or natural) for at least 4-6 weeks, the BellyCo Belly Wrap will help to stabilize the hips and pelvis, reposition the uterus and increase blood circulation: flushing away fluid retention and minimizing swelling.

The BellyCo Belly Wrap can assist in recovery for up to 1 year after birth and as an added bonus can be used indefinitely as an exercise support belt.

Some other important benefits:

  • Abdominal support & comfort after caesarean
  • Assists in accelerating the healing process
  • Assists in recovery after a twins or multiple birth pregnancies
  • Can be used to assists in healing of Diastasis Recti


Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap
Belly Wraps
support and flattens your belly after pregnancy
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Eco Belly Wrap
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a modern wrap on an ancient tradition
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Baltic Amber
certified genuine baltic amber
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